About 95% of adult learners fail in their attempt to learn to speak a foreign language. Avoid the mistake made by others.

You want to learn to speak Spanish and just got a textbook, probably a best seller. You’re going to study the explanations, do countless exercises and memorize hundreds of word lists. It looks like learning to speak with your eyes it’s the way to go.

Sure, studying grammar is the key to success, our adult analytical mind compels us to want to know all the details. Forget about the fact that native speakers hardly know any grammar at all. What's more, you're giving them the creeps when you talk about grammar rules.

Don't treat a language as a subject to study but a skill to acquire. Most people can clearly say “hasta la vista”, Arnold made it unforgettable. Let's find out why.


Listening: Develop your Spanish listening skills before any other language skill. By developing your listening skills first, you will learn to think in Spanish just like a native speaker.

Sentences: Always learn Spanish sentences, not individual words. By listening to sentences you're naturally learning how to use a word correctly with other words; you are learning what sounds right and what sounds wrong, that is, you are learning grammar naturally and intuitively like a native speaker.

Repetition: Set your audio device on repeat and listen to each lesson many times. Internalize the Spanish language like a native speaker does. You must burn the Spanish sentences into your head through repetitive listening. It’s the sounds in your head that form the sounds that come from your mouth.

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Learn thousands of Spanish words and be disappointed with your speaking ability but learn thousands of Spanish sentences by repetitive listening and the Spanish language will just pop into your head, the Spanish language will come out of your mouth effortlessly.

Our listening course (questions and answers) will teach you to speak Spanish correctly, clearly and fluently. You don't have to be "gifted" to learn to speak any language, but you do have to be smart about how you learn it. Be a successful Spanish speaker.



Our audio lessons are 100% Spanish (complete transcripts and English translations as needed are provided in the pdf files for understanding). You won’t hear anything else but Spanish in our lessons. You'll immerse yourself in the sounds and patterns of the Spanish language, just as if you were living in a Spanish speaking country. Our question and answer lessons teach you to think in Spanish just like a native Spanish speaker. Our 100% Spanish lessons will burn the Spanish language into your brain. Reach your goal of fluency in the shortest time possible by only listening to Spanish in our course.

A complete course at 


Their audio lessons have musicpauses and LOTS of English (explanations, instructions and translations). Their lessons teach you to think about Spanish. This is a very inefficient way to learn to speak Spanish.

A complete course for $$$


If you want to learn to speak Spanish automatically and naturally just like a native speaker, then develop your Spanish listening skills first.

 Listening provides the foundation for speaking.
 The speaking ability grows out of the listening ability.
 Listening leads speaking and pulls it along.
 As your listening ability improves, it will pull your speaking ability up, too.

Your brain needs LOTS of listening for effortless speech to emerge
. If you focus on listening first, you will train your brain to think in Spanish and when you think in Spanish, you no longer translate, you no longer think about grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary. The Spanish language will become a deep part of you, just like your own native language; the hesitation, the strain, the stress, the doubt, the confusion, all gone. Learn to speak Spanish by developing your Spanish listening skills first and get the results you want.


Linguistic scientific research over decades has shown that listening is the first skill you must develop in learning a language. Listen first approach methods are much more powerful and effective by far than other language teaching methods. The brain is naturally predisposed to learn languages through listening. Listening skills should be developed in advance of speaking. Speaking practice is only recommended once you have some understanding of the language. Speaking from day one is an unnatural and stressful situation. Listening is the most powerful kind of input for learning to speak .

The highly successful Spanish learners, before trying to say their first Spanish words, they listen, listen and listen! They have a listening approach, they give special attention to listening. This period of just listening is vitally important to the process of natural language learning.


A sentence is a group of words that naturally go together in a certain way. A sentence puts the word in context. By studying Spanish sentences and not individual words, you will learn more vocabulary, you will learn it faster and you will remember it longer. Also, when you learn Spanish sentences, you are not just learning vocabulary, you are learning how to use that word correctly with other words, that is, you are learning grammar naturally and intuitively. Another bonus, learning Spanish by listening will also help you with your Spanish pronunciation; you will learn to speak with the right rhythm and intonation; your pronunciation will be clear and easy to understand, you will sound more natural. In short, when you learn Spanish by listening to Spanish sentences, you are automatically learning Spanish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, THREE FOR ONE! GREAT!


To speak Spanish easily and automatically, you must learn every sentence DEEPLY. How? Easily, just listen to each Spanish lesson repeatedly to the point where understanding is automatic. You must put the Spanish language deep into your brain. Focus on the most common sentences that are used on a daily basis in a wide variety of situations. Mastery of the fundamentals is more important than a lot of advanced knowledge. You need a lot of repetitive listening to master the Spanish language. Repetition is the mother of all learning. The ultimate outcome of repetitive listening of sentences is the internalization of the Spanish language patterns and sounds, and not the memorization of sentences.

Turn on your MP3 player and listen to each of the lessons a lot, again and again. Speech will develop naturally and spontaneously after learners internalize (subconsciously learn) the Spanish language through repetitive listening.


The listen to Spanish MP3 course is research-based from top language learning experts like Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. James Asher, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Dr. Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy, Dr. Paul Sulzberger, Dr. Mark Davies, David Long, and Blaine Ray. The listen to Spanish MP3 audio lessons are the most convenient and efficient way to learn to speak Spanish fluently, automatically and spontaneously. No matter how busy you are, the listen to Spanish MP3 audio lessons can go with you anywhere, anytime. Set your MP3 player on repeat and learn how to speak Spanish well. There are many time consuming tasks during the day that allows you to learn Spanish. Double your productivity, do what you need to do and learn how to speak Spanish at the same time.

The listen to Spanish MP3 audio lessons are efficient, effective and affordable. With them:

  tick. You will learn how to pronounce Spanish clearly.
  tick. You will acquire Spanish vocabulary without memorizing word lists.
  tick. You will master Spanish grammar intuitively without studying grammar rules.
  tick. You can study Spanish anywhere, anytime.
  tick. You are going to just pick up the Spanish language as you go along with your life.
  tick. You will learn to speak Spanish effortlessly and naturally.

Both forced speaking (speaking from day one) and analysing the language (studying grammar rules) prevent you from learning to speak Spanish automatically and naturally. Focus on listening first and your fluency, confidence and correctness will grow. Listening skills are strongly correlated with the overall language proficiency.

Listening, listening and more listening is the key to speaking excellent Spanish. Listening skills are the basic bricks and mortar of language acquisition.

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